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Project Hygiene is a nonprofit organization that supports underprivileged youth by encouraging health and wellness while denouncing bullying. We’re thrilled that you share our vision of empowering, uplifting and creating a healthy environment for youth. We launched in 2012 with a series of live events that featured performances and guest speakers who discussed the importance of proper hygiene for youth. We openly addressed the negative impact poor hygiene can have on many adolescents, often times resulting in bullying.


Our inaugural event series provided the blueprint and inspiration for several other programs including toiletry drives, toiletry box workshops, bullying prevention seminars and more. Each initiative serves as an opportunity to donate toiletries or funds, with proceeds benefitting Project Hygiene and other nonprofit organizations.


We believe it is our purpose to educate others about the importance of personal health and wellness, the prevalence of bullying and how we can work together to produce positive outcomes in both areas. We find joy in establishing programs that help provide a safe place for youth to feel supported and confident.


It is with this vision we welcome partnerships with other individuals, schools, and organizations to help spread this message. We are grateful for your support and we look forward to working with you in the near future.


Anshia B. Crooms & Anshay B. Tull

Founders of Project Hygiene


A child should never have to worry about being bullied because of their personal hygiene.

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