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Bullying Prevention

We can help combat bullying by connecting youth to caring adults and activities and creating protective community environments. One way we do this is through Bullying Prevention Programs in schools and community centers.

The 60-minute program paints the picture of the prevalence of bullying among adolescents. It also fosters healthy conversations among youth about their personal experiences with bullying and discussing hygiene tips through a panel discussion. The student panelists discuss several topics including:


How to improve peer relations and topics for discussion:

  • Hygiene Tips (address toiletry use, proper clothing etiquette)

  • Discuss how poor hygiene affects students at school

  • How to prevent bullying

  • Who students should speak to or go to for guidance

  • Types of bullying (verbal, physical, cyber, social)

The panel serves as an educational tool to help students become self-aware and to empower them to be more compassionate peers. It also serves as a tool to teach youth about the importance of taking care of their hygiene. 

Contact us for information on how to book this program for

your school or organization.

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